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Free Model Foundry


FMF is engaged with leading vendors and system houses in the industry. Following is a partial list of current and past engagements.

Elpida Logo

Elpida Memories, Inc.

Free Model Foundry supplies Elpida with models of Elpida's advanced memories.

Flasys Logo

Flasys Corporation

Flasys pioneered the IP industry by allowing Free Model Foundry to provide behavioral models of their innovative non-volatile memory solutions.

IDT Logo

Integrated Device Technology

IDT has been a customer since 1998. Free Model Foundry has developed of a number of important FIFO, SRAM, and Multi-port SRAM models for IDT.

In the words of our customer:

"I have worked with FMF for 3 1/2 years, they have been very helpful and easy to work with."

- Stewart Speed, Applications Engineer, FIFO Memory Products

Intel Logo


Intel was the first IC vendor to ask FMF to host their internally developed models in 1996. In 2007 we began creating models on their behalf.

"Our interest in working with FMF to develop VHDL/Verilog models for Intel's flash memory products was a direct result of multiple customer requests for FMF models."

- Charles Anyimi, Technical Marketing Manager, Intel Flash Memory Group

Rattheon Logo

Raytheon Company

FMF is proud to supply Raytheon with models and services.

Siemens Logo

Acuson, A Siemens Company

Acuson/Siemens has been a user of FMF models since 1997.

"On the Advanced Video Display design at Acuson, the main challenge to design verification was the lack of simulation models, especially for the JPEG part. But with FMF models, we successfully brought up simulation, which was invaluable. During board prototyping, we simulated problems we had on the board for easy logic debug, shortening our time to market."

- Roxanna Ganji

"FMF models gave us the fastest and most reliable path to achieving systems verification. With FMF models, there was no need to re-invent the wheel. These proven models gave us what we needed to verify our design."

- Paul Song

Spansion Logo


We are honoured by Spansion's decision to have us model thousands of their flash memory parts.

TRW Logo


"At TRW we have used FMF models for our circuit board simulations. The ECLPS library has been especially beneficial. It is a large collection of high-speed part models. Having the source code available makes it easy to maintain our circuit board libraries. The models are easily reanalyzed (compiled) as the CAD tools change. FMF keeps us up to date on new releases, and there are no license fees. I personally don't know of any other repository of component models that is so user friendly."

- R. Steele, TRW