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Frequently Asked Questions about Model Development

With the aim of clarifying the differentiators and value of FMF Models and how they can impact your bottom-line, please see our response to frequently asked questions below.

  1. What are the technical advantages of FMF models?

    Technical Advantage: FMF produces models at higher levels of abstractions, with an engineering team specifically trained for developing component models, not reusing RTL Models. RTL Models are at lower levels of abstraction, are usually encrypted and tend to be slower and use more computing resources during system simulation.

  2. How does an FMF model help us engage with our customers?

    Sales Aide: Our models are an important sales aide as they enable IC and IP vendors to increase the rate of adoption of their products by providing accurate models for evaluation and verification in electronic systems.

  3. Please describe your distribution program.

    Wider Distribution: Our models are open source and unencumbered by usage licenses or proprietary software. With appropriate customer agreements, we provide models in readable form at for distribution to designers free of charge. Our distribution site has over 5,000 visitors a month and over a million models downloaded each year.

  4. Can I use FMF models to validate marketing specs for internal product development?

    Yes, at least one of our customers has found a new use for our models. In this case, we design a model to a marketing spec for a new chip. They use the model and the detailed testbench we provide (in either VHDL or SystemVerilog) as an executable specification for the new chip. When the RTL of their new chip can pass our testbench, they find it functionally matches their original spec. In addition, creating the model validates the completeness of the spec. Missing or contradictory requirements are usually exposed by the process of turning the spec into a model.

  5. Are there other advantages of providing our customers with FMF functional simulation models developed by FMF?

    Some of the other major advantages to providing your customers with models produced by Free Model Foundry are:

  6. Aren't VHDL and Verilog models too slow to be usefull?

    No, not if they are written at a high enough level of abstraction. Models written at the register transfer level (RTL) may be too slow but, behavioral models are fast enough for hardware verification.